Macbeth: Come Like Shadows

October 24th – November 10th | Tickets On Sale Now!

Rebel and Misfits Productions is thrilled to present the third installment of the Immersive Theatre Project this Fall. Dive into a shocking world and discover the heart and dark underbelly of a story that you have undoubtedly come in contact with before, but never allowed full access to the dripping heat and intimacy pulled along by its characters. This is one of Shakespeare’s boldest and most passionate plays deeply imagined. Who are the inhabitants? Why do their souls choose the courses they embark upon? What is behind the door? Immerse yourself in a world of direct interaction, walk into this complexly-woven tale, wade into its unlocked depths. We invite you to meet these characters as you never have before. Drink with them. Dance with them. Share your secrets with them. They will, in turn, weave you into the fabric of the action. Come and experience this high-octane, dangerous, and sexy world, where nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Founded in 2016 by artist Kelly Hummert, REBEL AND MISFITS PRODUCTIONS is a professional theatre company dedicated to presenting life-changing stories in non-traditional ways which leaves their audiences moved, transformed, and inspired.

They founded THE IMMERSIVE THEATRE PROJECT, which breaks the wall between actors and spectators and allows for an emergent, deeply personal experience for everyone involved. AN INTIMATE THEATRE PROJECT takes place in site-specific locations, where the focus is on a voyeuristic journey in a highly personal setting. They are also dedicated to premiering some of world’s best plays here in St. Louis, inspired by Ms. Hummert’s long tenure in the downtown New York City theatre scene. They are committed to taking great risks to bring their audiences a high standard of excellence for theatre in America.

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