Founded in 2016 by artist Kelly Hummert, REBEL AND MISFITS PRODUCTIONS is a professional theatre company dedicated to presenting life-changing stories in non-traditional ways which leaves their audiences moved, transformed, and inspired.

They founded THE IMMERSIVE THEATRE PROJECT, which breaks the wall between actors and spectators and allows for an emergent, deeply personal experience for everyone involved. AN INTIMATE THEATRE PROJECT takes place in site-specific locations, where the focus is on a voyeuristic journey in a highly personal setting. They are also dedicated to premiering some of world’s best plays here in St. Louis, inspired by Ms. Hummert’s long tenure in the downtown New York City theatre scene. They are committed to taking great risks to bring their audiences a high standard of excellence for theatre in America.

Uncle Vanya: Valiently Accepting Next Year’s Agony

An Intimate Theatre Project

Hamlet: See What I See