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is pleased to announce the first piece in its series, The Immersive Theatre Project.

Hamlet: See What I See

November 12-18 at the Barnett on Washington.

This epic theatrical event will transform the way you view your own existence. Join us as players to reveal both the precious beauty and the painful agony of the human condition. Throw away everything you think you know about theatre or Hamlet, and join us for a thrilling journey of self-awakening. Concept by Kelly Hummert, adaptation and direction by Melanie Armer.

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The Play

Hamlet, the young Prince of Denmark, has been in Wittenberg at school. He comes home to attend his fathers funeral, and ends up at his mother hasty wedding to his father's brother, Claudius, who is suddenly King of Denmark. Hamlet's life takes a fearsome turn when the ghost of his father appears to him, demanding Hamlet exact vengeance for his murder. The distraught Dane must now decide whether to follow through with the deadly act, or turn the violence against himself.

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Tickets: $55 | $34.50 (with college ID)

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The Players

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SaraJane Alverson

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

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Tyler Cheatem

Lucianus and The Player King

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Isaiah di Lorenzo


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Francesca Ferrari

Queen Gertrude

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Kelly Hummert


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Leif Newberg


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Lee Osorio


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BlaQue Pearl


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Reginald Pierre


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Andrea Reed

The Player Queen

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Andy Sloey

First Gravedigger and Fortinbras

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Brandon Alan Smith


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Christopher Tipp


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Rules of Engagement

King Claudius & his Queen Gertrude request your attendance in Castle Elsinore to attend a sporting duel between the prince of Denmark Hamlet and our beloved friend of the court; the masterful Laertes. The royals ask that you maintain a distance, as that is the most exciting way to witness a match. May the best man win!

Once inside the castle, The royals invite you to:

Please wear your most festive attire! The time for somber clothing befitting the loss of our dearly departed King has passed, and the Royals ask that you join them in the celebration of their marriage and King Claudius’s coronation.

Interact with but please do not touch members of the court without their express invitation.

Speak but only when spoken to by a member of the court.

The participatory use of your cellular devices for sharing your experience is encouraged while at court, but the use of flash or videos of the court will not be tolerated by the king and will result in immediate expulsion from the castle grounds.

The Artistic Team

Kelly Hummert


Artistic Director

Melanie S. Armer



Chad Raines


Sound Designer

John Eckert


Lighting Designer

Emily Brady Koplar


Costume Designer

Rick Sordelet


Fight Choreographer

Aarti Couture


Digital Media Director

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